The LinkedIn Ultimate Masterclass In Attracting And Winning New Clients


You Must Book Before: 18th September (Latest)

Begins: 21st September

Don’t you just hate completing a training course – all excited to go back to work and implement it…

…But your inbox awaits you. You start catching up – and your good intentions vanish. Within a matter of hours or days, everything that course taught starts to evaporate.

This is different.

You’ve had a warm up. You appreciate the components of a post that works.

You may have even seen the results already.

On the masterclass, we do this for real. On your business.


And we work with real results. It’s not “classroom” then action.

Instead, it’s instant action which starts delivering results in week 1.

Unlike the 5 Day Sprint Challenge, we have much more time to focus on YOU individually and as a team.

(And if you missed the 5-Day Challenge – it’s repeated with the Masterclass for those who either missed it, or, just want a refresher)

*** SPECIAL Bonus – Limited to just the first 10 people or BEFORE Monday 10th August ***

A 1-2-1, specific to you. You will be quizzed on your business and target clients. And you get a clear LinkedIn strategy to follow both in your business immediately, and, during the course. You can choose to have this done in a recorded video conference you can keep and refer to during the course and later.

***Extra Bonus***

30 Days Extra added at the end of the course – so if by some miracle you need to take that time out for a break or a holiday at any time during the course, you can catch up later.

The Price

Simple. One payment of £600 (inc VAT) if paid in advance. Or £250 (inc VAT) per month in 3 monthly instalments.

Read on for the full detail of the Masterclass.

Ready to book? Here are those options:

Best Value

In One Simple Payment
£100.00 (tax)
Total: £600.00
X item(s)
(This means you get alerts before and during)

Spread The Payments

In 3 Easy Payments
£208.33/month X 3
£41.67 (tax per payment)
X item(s)
(This means you get alerts before and during)

Most who take part completed the 5 day challenge beforehand (“Writing LinkedIn Posts To Attract Clients”) which is repeated during the Masterclass for those who missed it.

That gets results. Results like this from David Blackhurst:

Connect with David On LinkedIn Here. Or visit his website here.

David not only saw his post “trending” but he was astonished to see enquiries. “The amount of value you delivered in 5 days blew my mind. I absolutely believed you only scratched the surface. It’s something I am happy to invest in moving forward with my business.”

And this from Sanjana Chappalli:

Connect with Sanjana On LinkedIn Here. Or visit her website here.

Sanjana joined the challenge and witnessed the results she could expect for real. She wanted to know more especially as she experienced 6,000+ views on her post immediately.

How Long Is The Masterclass?

It is a 12 week programme. It DOES NOT take extra time – it is marketing activity through LinkedIn – time you would have invested anyway.

How Does It Work?

Like the 5-Day Sprint challenge, you receive notifications of:

    • Tasks

    • Lessons and learning

    • A weekly “Go-Live” session

    • Supplementary and optional videos or live events in response to frequently asked questions as we progress

    • At least ONE personalised critique and review of your posts

    • A private shared “tracking” sheet where we monitor your performance and build a database of both the relevant conversations, links to specific comments they have made, “filterable” search methods, and a bespoke follow-up process to suit your individual preferences

    • Team learning and experience sharing

    • Support from Pam and Ian on any questions you have

You don’t walk away with skills to apply later.

Instead, you start running on the course immediately, AND we reveal literally every secret we know to get results on LinkedIn.

This includes:

    • Discovering the style of posts that strategically position you as the go-to person for your field of expertise

    • Creating your personalised set of target customers – and building a strategy to attract each of them to you

    • “Forcing” an algorithmic relationship between you and those you want to do business with to increase their views of your post

    • Appealing to sub-sets of your target market – posts that attract the eyeballs of the specific people you seek, despite lower post views – quality over quantity

    • The push-post method – taking specific individuals to your post to have a chat – the equivalent of shaking hands at a networking event with the precise target people you want to meet

    • Automation – The Pros And Cons – and the semi-automatic alternative

    • Connection strategies – how to recognise when someone may need a personalised connection request and how to get them to accept it.

    • Tracking commenters and sifting out the suspects, prospects and ideal potential clients

    • Establishing the correct benchmark which triggers follow-up

    • How to build a list of those you seek and establish a follow-up strategy to suit your own views and principles of selling

    • Advanced online relationship building

    • How to record video – platforms, methods, styles

    • The different posting formats (text, photo, video and documents) – why to use them, how to use them, how to fine-tune them for the best results.

    • Profile Optimisation- how to get your profile to SELL FOR YOU

    • The Fast-Track Method of taking prospects to the sales point