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It’s “Buy One Get One Free”. That’s Because It’s Online…

The last two offline events…which took place online went down a storm!

So we’re repeating the BOGOF again this month.

So the 26th May YouTube live event ALSO gives you a place on a second live networking session on Tuesday 9th June.

All you need to do to join in is:

  • Log In to your YouTube account (or create one)

  • And follow the link everyone will be issued once we go Live

  • Book here to get your place:

26th May – Linked Offline…Temporarily Online

Plus A Place On the 12th May Online Event FREE With Every Booking Right Here:

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Business Networking Event Liverpool…And Everywhere

(It’s Online!)

Where: Wherever you want – the sofa, the kitchen, dining room, in the bath – and you can even go to the toilet (but don’t tell us you are)

Time: 6PM sharp, live on YouTube

Cost: £12 (inc VAT) per person – if you pre-pay right here online

(Covers a place on the 12th May event too)

Just Not Like This:

You Can Do It More Like This:

Fancy winning a prize?

JUST for coming to a virtual networking event?

We’re going to pick one lucky winner – live on our event and that person will be able to choose from this list of amazing goodies from fellow members ….

Not connected to some of them? You ought to. These things make fab gifts to send to people you need to buy for – without the need to don your mask and gloves and go out shopping.

Links to their LinkedIn profiles are below their names – you’ll need to be able to find them when you need them.

Oh – and then you can leave them a review on our site and gain yourself some rep credits/local hero status.

Get going!

Hmmmm…….. what would you go for?

See The Full List Of Prizes Here

Where The Conversations Lead To Business More Naturally

No crowd to tackle – it’s all online! But going up to someone at an event – online or offline – and pitching your widgets it just not cricket.

Isn’t timing everything? That’s why you have the conversation sparked by Kim Rutherford who was due to educate us anyway.

She’ll take us on a journey through the complete spectrum of wellness and how it impacts mental health – in the current climate especially – but in life generally.

That creates the conversation on our YouTube live session as Kim poses the question for you to all answer.

Add your thoughts in the comments section. Share how you are coping with the lockdown.


…No Need For You To Go On Camera!

Pam and Kim will be live. So will Ian (but don’t let that put you off).

Then – Connect & Pitch

Isn’t that something you hate on LinkedIn? Well we’re not doing that.

You’ve already had the conversation that Kim Started. Next, it’s time to hear what everyone does?

Simply outline your business in the chat – what you do, the difference it makes to your clients, and the types of clients you seek.

But also add the link to your LinkedIn profile.

That way you can connect and create those real and algorithmic LinkedIn bonds which mean you start to see what each other posts.

Let’s Keep Building Those Bonds.

Book your virtual seat right here:

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Terms Of Booking/Membership – Refund Policy