Thanks For Joining Our Next 5 Day Challenge

4 More Seconds…Or You Won’t See The Lessons

Immediate Action: Please Click Here And Choose The Option To Join The LinkedIn Group Where The Challenge Is Run And The Lessons Are Posted

The FREE 5 Day Sprint Challenge kicks off on the 3rd August. Keep an eye on your email and WhatsApp for instructions.

You’ll be sent a link to our LinkedIn group where the challenge will take place very soon (but it is better to do this now using the link above)

Each day, we’ll post your task for the day in the group at 6AM.

That does not mean you have to be awake early! You have all day to complete that day’s challenge.

There will be a post in the group with a short video outlining your task for the day.

You will be asked to report back on the post when it’s completed – usually within that same post in the comments section.

We’ll give feedback. We’ll answer questions – and generally make sure you are learning, making progress – and very importantly – building your confidence with LinkedIn posting.

From time to time we’ll post supplementary tips and techniques in the group to ease your path.

And then every night at 5PM Pam Case and Ian Denny will go “live” in the group for a round up of the day, and be available to answer your questions.

We’ll also give a short preview of the next day’s task.

We cannot wait to get cracking!

You have just made the first bold step toward becoming a LinkedIn Client Magnet!


P.S. Want To Get Started Sooner? If you’re reading this before 24th April, take a look at our Master Class here (which incorporates the 5 day challenge too)

See you on the challenge

Pam Case & Ian Denny