Thank You For Going Platinum!

Now your seat on every monthly event is automatically reserved!

So no need to panic about the regular sell-outs. Your seat is safe.

Please keep an eye out on the main page for the dates of each event.

While you will not receive any refund if you can’t attend, you get so many more benefits to compensate.

But anyway, if you can’t attend you are more than welcome to send somebody in your place.

Without further ado – key next steps?

  1. Visit the main Linked Online website and add your profile photo and update anything else you feel you should (bear in mind we will need a little time to update your Status to Platinum)
  2. Visit the Post Here section and add a Special Offer – this will be seen by all members and is an exclusive benefit for you
  3. Ask for the date of the next Platinum member training course – this is where you will learn some advanced networking techniques to drive your business forward both within this community and more broadly.