Introducing Online 20 (Or Less)

Want better results from LinkedIn?

This is for you. But only if you are prepared to act like you want others to act toward you.

Without support from others, you are dependent on the reactions within that first hour.

If it’s good, your post will in all likelihood continue to grow. As long as your content is strong and invites conversation.

For two main reasons:

  1. The future trajectory of your post to hundreds or thousands more is judged by the likes and comment you receive within that golden first hour

  2. Joining a team of like-minded people, primed like you to mutually support each other at the right time give your post a much better chance of success

Up to 20 like-minded people in each group who want to work together with mutual back-scratching to help each other get noticed SIGNIFICANTLY MORE THAN NOW!

Imagine a lion – they go hunting. If they know their prey will visit the watering hole at the same time every day, isn’t it more efficient to pop down there in the morning for breakfast?

Well that’s what I discovered trying to figure out the best way to help people with LinkedIn.

You see, to persuade LinkedIn to show your post to more people, you need support within the first hour in the form of likes and comments.

Get enough, and the post will do much better. That’s because the algorithm sees the reaction from others, and decides to show it more people.

But the timing needs to be right.

Here are the 6 discoveries that made it work for the smart folk:

1) If the lions are late at the watering hole – there will be less to eat for breakfast. That’s why we group people together who are prepared to like and comment on the posts of the others in the morning before 9AM. I have experimented and tried to create groups to favour the late risers. But there simply aren’t enough available people once the working day starts. So this is the best way to make it work – post in the morning and support each other.

2) It’s also about quality. We do not want people that just say “Great post” as a comment – that adds nothing to the conversation. So you need to act like you want others to act on your posts. Add to the conversation.

3) In your post ask a question – this helps the others in the group – but it also increases the chances of a post going much more viral. Once your post is presented to others in the newsfeed, if people outside of the group like and comment too, your post will continue to gain many more views – maybe even thousands more. And the best way to get those extra comments is to ask a question. No question? Fewer comments and a shorter life for your post.

4) Don’t always sell! This is the biggest turn off for people. Go to a movie and see 80% adverts and 20% movie, and people walk out. Reverse the proportion of sales messages – earn the right for the advert in other words.

5) Everyone who joins the group gets a guide can attend our regular FREE 5 Day Sprint Challenge – as often as they want – titled “Writing LinkedIn Posts To Attract Clients”.

6) The world is full of givers and takers. In my early experiments with groups like this, quite quickly, you discover the “takers”. These are the people who submit their posts for support, but do not support others. For it to work, it needs to be fair. That’s why we have people monitoring the support. If you can’t support, just let us know you are away – that’s fine – we all need a holiday! But if you miss 3 times in a month, we ask you to leave the group. It’s only fair on the people who do support.

What Else?

  • The group operates Monday to Friday.

  • You can only post once per day.

  • You do not have to post every day, but you are required to support the posts each day with a like and a comment (regardless of where you yourself have posted)

  • The only exceptions are commenting on the posts of someone in the same sector as you – i.e. a competitor – please just send a PM to John.

  • Monitoring is at random – the group admin will check the posts for that day and cross-reference it with each other person in the group as a snapshot in time at 9AM.

  • There is a maximum membership in the group of 20 people. 

To cover the admin and post monitoring there is a monthly membership fee of just £19.80 (inc VAT).

Join Here:

Online 20 Membership
£16.50/month until cancelled
£3.30 (tax per payment)
(This means you get alerts before and during)