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Random 11 Networking – Launching Imminently…

Blending together the world of LinkedIn, online networking both LIVE, on WhatsApp and moving beyond local borders.
Zoomed Out? Lots are. Real world networking is best. After running lots of different online formats. And participating, we asked people what they liked and disliked about the format.
Firstly, there’s alot of value meeting the same people. You build bonds. And trust. But at Linked Online, you can meet them (post-lockdown) in person. And in WhatsApp groups.
So we’ve bridged the gap with something in between. An opportunity for short, sharp networking – quality over quantity.
Across the entire Linked Online community. With an element that gives you a chance to hear from the same people again. BUT constantly meet new people.
That new element is the word Random. We use a clever Excel formula to randomly allocate people each week to:
  • Groups of 11 – so you network on Zoom with up to 10 others
  • It’s Fast – over with inside 40 minutes
  • It’s not a pitch – it’s a Q&A session where the event host asks you 3 questions which you answer, roughly in 1 minute each over 3 minutes.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile is highlighted while you talk
  • You Connect On LinkedIn afterwards with the others.

FREE To The Event Host – The Participants Pay

You also get:

  • An enhanced website listing
  • A chance to rapidly build your network
  • Be seen and visible throughout the meeting as the event host