The “20,000” LinkedIn Business Insight Thursday Club

“I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member”

A famous quote by Groucho Marx. And this club is no exception.

Especially as it’s free. The “ulterior” motives are what you worry about. Your sceptical self is already worried.

The motivation however is mutual.

It is for each of us to have a conversation where we multiply the audience by 10.

What you have to do is post on LinkedIn every Thursday at 7:30 AM. And send me the link.

I will post your link in a WhatsApp broadcast to 10 others.

Each of those people will also have 20,000+ connections. So instead of your usual audience of just your own connections, it will instead be potentially 200,000.

That’s because you will be required to Like, Comment on the post, and share it.

Which obviously exposes that post in the newsfeed to your connections by virtue of you supporting it.

That’s where the content of your post comes into focus.

It should not be a sales post. They are very difficult to comment upon. And I don’t know about you, but I would find it difficult to comment on a post which infers I am endorsing the product or service.

Instead, it should be insightful. Something that stimulates a conversation.

An observation on an aspect of careers or business. Ending with a question, which is a more natural invitation to comment.

Nothing political, religious (which includes football!) or in any way discriminatory.

And nothing crazily controversial.

Just a decent conversational post which can create a positive conversation. Insight is the key word here.

Why Do This?

Well why not? My motivation is the conversation that 10 of us will generate.

And the extended conversation that will generate as some of the 20,000 non-mutual connections we have see the fact we have commented on the post.

A break if you like from the type of things we may all post on LinkedIn.

Of course, it’s also helps us expand our network.

And it can be good for our careers or business too.

That’s because whenever I have posted and got thousands of views, my profile views increase – and some of those people enquire.

It also means more connection requests, and each connection extends our reach.

So it is not a complete waste of time.

What Else?

You have questions, sure. But let me explain why 7:30 for example? That’s because it gives me time to copy and paste your post links into a WhatsApp broadcast. So before 8AM you will have the 10 links.

That leaves you an hour before the working day starts to read those posts and comment on them.

And vice versa for the other 10 people to do the same.

Nothing Has Started At The Time Of Writing

It will start when I have 15 people. 11 people to start it, and 4 in reserve.

That means apart from yourself, there will be 10 others to like, comment and share your post.

I’ve thought of a few problems! So have you I suppose too.

For example, what happens if I don’t like the content of one of the posts?

Well that’s a subjective area! In that case I would point to the above guidelines – if you agree with them, you can join but then please follow them.

Then if somebody posts a sales post – they are out and I enrol one of the reserves for the following week.

If somebody does not include a question, which after all is the key stimulus for a conversational post, then I won’t kick them out – just ask them to ensure in future they do include one.

Do You Want To Be One Of The First 11-15 People?

Send me a WhatsApp – my name is Ian Denny and my number is 07982 417610.

If you are reading this on your phone or you know how to handle WhatsApp Web, tap or click here to launch a fresh message to me:

When Will It Start?

As soon as I have 15 people. I have no idea when that will be as I have a day job too. So when I come across people with 20,000+ connections, I will suggest it.

May be quick – may take a while! Who knows!

Hope you can join us for something which costs nothing but a little time once a week.